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About Our Company

Milo Racing Ltd. Is a Registered Business in United Kingdom, Any one can Check Our Company Details From UK Company House, Our Company Number Is 14584531.

Crafting Premium-Quality Motorbike Racing Gear

Milo Racing is a premium brand that specializes in creating top-quality motorbike racing gear. Our mission is to craft motorbike suits, jackets, gloves, and boots that meet the highest standards of protection, comfort, and style.

Custom-Designed Gear for Bike Racers of All Ages and Levels

Our range of motorbike racing gear caters to bike racers of all ages and levels, including women, men, and kids. We offer custom-designed suits, jackets, gloves, and boots that are tailor-made to fit your body and style preferences. Whether you are a seasoned track racer or a casual street rider, our gear is designed to give you the protection, performance, and confidence you need to excel on the road.

Motorbike Racing Gear that Meets CE Certification Standards

At Milo Racing, we believe that quality and safety are paramount when it comes to motorbike racing gear. That's why all our products meet the strict CE certification standards for protective clothing. Our suits, jackets, gloves, and boots come with Level 1 or Level 2 protection, and are rigorously crash-tested to ensure maximum safety on the road.

Premium-Quality Leather Suits, Jackets, Gloves, and Boots

Our motorbike racing gear is made from the finest-quality leather, including 1.3mm to 1.4mm thick cowhide leather and 0.9mm to 1.1mm thick kangaroo leather. Our leather is carefully selected to ensure maximum durability, comfort, and protection. Our suits, jackets, gloves, and boots are designed to last, even in the most challenging racing conditions.

Wide Range of Racing Gear for Different Racing Disciplines

We understand that bike racing is a diverse sport that encompasses different disciplines, from track racing to street racing and drag racing. That's why we offer a wide range of racing gear that caters to different racing styles and conditions. Our touring bike suits, gloves, jackets, and boots are designed for long-distance rides, while our MotoGP replica suits, gloves, jackets, and boots are inspired by the world's top racing competitions.

Experience the Milo Racing Difference Today

At Milo Racing, we are passionate about motorbike racing and creating premium-quality gear that enhances your racing experience. Whether you are a biker, girl biker, or boy biker, we have the gear you need to take your racing game to the next level. Experience the Milo Racing difference today and join our community of bike racers who demand nothing but the best in quality, safety, and style.