The Best Racing Jackets for Every Racer

The Best Racing Jackets for Every Racer

Do you possess both the desire and the talent to go fast? Are you a person of means, and do you have the willingness to face the heat? If so, we are just starting to speak the same language because you could be any one of the drivers in these scenarios.

Leather vs. Textile:

The traditional and most popular choice in motorcycle racing is the leather racing jacket. These jackets have long been the staple in motorcycle racing clothes — the tough yet supple premium leathers have proven to withstand the abrasion resistance that racing demands time and time again. Leather jackets offer tradition as well. They provide that timeless racing vibe. If you think "bad to the bone," you’re imagining a leather jacket, right?


But we’ve got a lot more options available to us now. One such option that offers the benefits of both fit and aerodynamics is textile racing jackets.

Finding the Perfect Fit:


Having a racing jacket that is not only tight but also comfortable is necessary. Quite a few first-rate brands—such as Milo—produce a range of sizes. They do this to make sure that customers will find a good fit when buying a jacket off the rack. But if total satisfaction is the goal, then choosing either a custom motorcycle suit or a custom design suit is the way to go.

From Club Racers to MotoGP Contenders

The world of motorcycle racing is vast, and your ideal jacket will depend on your specific needs.

For anyone who is new to racing or just enjoys a day at the track, it's a good idea to use a jacket that will give you a nice balance between protection and look. In the past 10 years or so, motorcycle jackets have become very "racy" looking. Many offer protection that rivals the best leather option but in a fabric construction that puts them at a more affordable price point.

Club Racers and Experienced Riders:

Once you find your groove and improve your performance, it would be wise to spend a fair amount on a high-quality leather jacket. Leading brands like Dainese and Alpinestars make jackets that use such materials as kangaroo leather. Their armor is carefully positioned for the maximum amount of impact protection and is even attached to the jacket’s main structure using multiple lines of thread. If you can afford it, they also make something called airbag jackets. And then, well, obviously, you could buy the same kind of suit that a MotoGP rider wears. It’s Formula 1 in terms of the price the professional pays to enjoy the high level of protection it provides.

Milo Racing Jackets:

If you're on the hunt for great motorcycle gear that doesn't break the bank, look no further than the Mooz Racing lineup. Whether you're on the pavement or the track, Mooz has you covered, and they've got all the right features to keep you safe, too. With incredible armor, top-notch abrasion resistance, and tasteful styling, Mooz Apparel is a smart and affordable choice for any motorcyclist.

Gear Up and Ride with Confidence

Picking the right racing jacket is a way to put safety and confidence first when you hit the track. By taking into account what kind of rider you are, your budget, and the aforementioned factors, you can buy with the knowledge that you're getting a jacket that's catered to your exact needs. And rest assured that reputable brands like Milo are going to have a jacket that's meant to serve those needs. For their part, they offer a jacket with the right amount of protectiveness but that won't be a giant dead weight on your upper body, which could make it too exhausting to ride.

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