Textile Motorcycle Racing Jackets

Textile Motorcycle Racing Jackets

Many riders understand that leather is considered the traditional racing jacket, but more people are making the choice to wear textile motorcycle racing jackets. Why? There are actually many reasons. Here at Milo Racing, we choose to make jackets out of both textile and leather materials, so you can rely on us to know how to make good jackets. We promise you that we aren't biased toward textile jackets, yet we give you the best set of reasons to consider textile as your modern racing jacket.

Advantages of Textile Jackets

While leather offers undeniable protection, textile motorcycle jackets come with a range of benefits:

Lighter Weight: Textile jackets, in comparison to leather jackets, are much lighter. Therefore, they reduce the amount of overall weight that a driver has to carry around the track, which can make a big difference in long events as to whether the driver, you might say, can keep up or even can lead with a quick pace.

Breathability: Materials such as Cordura® used in textiles are, by nature, quite breathable, allowing cool comfort for the wearer even on hot days. That is a key factor in not just keeping the body at an optimal temperature for the brain to receive blood and oxygen, which is what happens when the body is too hot.

Weather Resistance: An added benefit of textile jackets is that many of them are either waterproof or water-resistant. This means that when you're out cruising and an unexpected rain shower comes up, you don't have to stop and put on a rain suit over your jacket. You already have protection from getting wet built right in—and if the rain does come hard, pulling that stretchable storm collar up over your helmet will keep even more water from getting any farther down.

Versatility: Textile jackets, in contrast to leather jackets, are better able to offer flexibility and freedom to move, which is more conductive to a natural riding position. Not only does the extra comfort help to reduce some of the distraction that might come from wearing an uncomfortable jacket, it also might just keep the rider on the bike serious about their ride and safer on the road.

Customizability Milo Racing has a full range of jackets made to order, and that includes textile jackets. We're big on expressing personality here, and we think being able to choose your jacket's color, logo, and design does just that.

Protection You Can Trust

On the racecourse, safety is of the utmost importance. That starts with a rider's suit. Rookies, old veterans, lap-time record holders, they're all always in a sliding situation. Our textile jackets offer them as much protection as we can manufacture. The textile jackets are constructed of artificially made, high-strength material. That material offers only a smidgen less protection than leather. To make up for the fact that textiles are not quite as good as leather, when it comes to protecting your skin, we "double up" on the amount of material that is used in the construction of the jackets.

CE-approved armor is found over the shoulders, at the elbows, and at the back – imitating the safety feature found in top leather jackets.

Beyond MotoGP Looks:

Don't overlook style! MotoGP jackets are undeniably cool, but a textile jacket can look just as modern and sporty—especially if it's a Milo Racing jacket you've personalized to reflect your character and their signature way of riding a motorcycle.

The Perfect Fit for Peak Performance

For a jacket to work well, it must first fit well. We design all our bike jackets from scratch and for the most part, tailor them to individual measurements. Regardless of what they are made of, all our jackets represent a great deal of handwork. There's no way around it—it's a time-consuming process. And as with any other tailoring job, the time we put into achieving the right fit for each component is what makes "fit" one of our bike jackets’ most valuable performance features.


Milo Racing's textile motorcycle racing jackets bring together comfort, breathability, and protection in a nearly irresistible way. If you count yourself among the throng of people who can already call themselves fans of Milo Racing's leather racing jackets, then you're in good company. However, if by any chance you're unsure whether a Milo Racing jacket is right for your next track event, allow us to make the case for these jackets first.


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