Custom-Designed Racing Jackets

Custom-Designed Racing Jackets

Get ready to hit the track, British bike fans—biking really comes alive in the corners, where no fear or trembling is needed to find the supercharged heart of the beast. But there’s a problem. Racing leathers are...well...generic. They’re all black and pretty much look the same. All safe. All conservative. What if you need to fly a little flag and still run at the top? Get your Custom designed racing Jackets.

Stand Out from the Pack:

Just picture yourself pulling up to the starting grid wearing a custom-made leather motorcycle jacket. It could be a Valentino Rossi replica, or a wild colour scheme of your imagination. The possibilities are endless when you’re designing a jacket from scratch. Would you incorporate your favourite racing team colours, maybe even their logos? Or would you simply go for a custom-colour and add your personal nickname or name on it? The decision is yours.

Beyond Looks: Performance Matters:

Not only does a custom race jacket need to look great, it needs to keep riders safe. Milo Racing jackets are made of top-shelf materials like premium cowhide or ultra-resilient kangaroo leather, both known for their abrasion resistance and durability. Look for a jacket with CE-approved armour that’s arranged in all the right spots like the shoulders, elbows, and back armor. These areas are vital to absorbing shock and limiting bodily harm in the event of an incident.

The Perfect Fit for Peak Performance:

Beyond simple aesthetics, a quality race jacket was to fit like a second skin. Custom designed jackets guarantee this tailored fit for optimum comfort and freedom of movement while riding. These translate into better control and confidence on the track as you lean into corners and move to and fro without your jacket inching up or restricting your movements. The right fit makes all the difference.

The Milo Racing Jackets Advantage:

Milo Racing knows what riders want and need -- no guesswork here. We customize a racing jacket to your needs, from the color scheme, your sponsors logos placement to the fit and features.

Here's what sets Milo Racing apart:

High-quality materialsYou can be confident in premium leather and CE-approved armour for first class protection.

Unmatched customisation: Customize the way you race with colors and logos and even personal touches that mirror your own personal style

Customizable fit: Enjoy unrestricted motion and dominance through a jacket that suits you impeccably.

Expert craftsmanship: Take advantage of the commitment and expertise of professionals who are well aware of the exigencies of racing.

Investing in Yourself: 

A racing jacket that you design yourself—it's more than a piece of clothing. It's an investment in your love of the sport. It's a reflection of your dedication to the sport. It's the way you say to the world, “I love racing, and I am who I am.” Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a weekend track enthusiast, when you slide into your own custom racing jacket, there's an undeniable boost of confidence that comes from claiming the experience as your very own.

Drop the ordinary leathers, unveil your inner racer with a jacket designed just for you from Milo Racing. Stand out in the pack, ride with confidence, and encounter the sensation of racing in gear that resonate with who you are.

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