Choose Right Racing Suit

Choose Right Racing Suit

There’s nothing quite like hitting the track for some high-speed racing on your motorcycle. That being said, it’s important to make safety your number one priority. A motorcycle racing suit is one of the most critical pieces of safety gear you can invest in. Why? Because it is designed to protect you from abrasions and heat should you get into trouble out there? How do you know what you’re getting in a MotoGP Suit or any other type of motorcycle racing suit, you ask? Milo Racing Suits

Safety First: Certifications and Materials


Before we dig into the good stuff, make sure your suit has all the necessary certifications. Most racing organizations require some sort of safety certification from your suit. The most common are SFI and FIA. You will also want to check to see if the suit is built out of Nomex, a fire-resistant material used in the best racing suits.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Off-the-Rack vs. Custom Design Suits


You must have a good fit suit so you can be comfortable and safe. Ensure you try on suits before making a purchase and consider getting a suit custom-designed for you. A good brand you may want is Milo, they have suits in a variety of sizes. Create a more custom look and fit by getting a custom-designed suit.

Beyond MotoGP: Suits for All Types of Motorcycle Racing


Even with a top-level sport, MotoGP suits are great choices with the motorcycle racing suits in the market. Some of these include racing suits for road racing, textile jackets, track days, motocross, and many others. All these are designed to fit your needs and wants in terms of the racing part of the game.

Milo Racing Suits: Performance and Style


Milo Racing leathers are a very good option in race-grade motorcycle apparel because they have a good balance of safety and comfort and like the jackets, they also look and fit very well. The leathers have reflective piping for visibility and have lots of stretch panels as well as calf zippers and ankle zippers. With a set of Milo Racing leathers and a matching Milo Racing jacket, you are ready to hit the track with confidence



Choosing the right suit is an investment in your safety and experience while on the racing track. Certification, Materials, fitting, and type of suit in your racing discipline will have an impact on your shopping. Consider Milo racing suit as it offers a variety of suits in your budget. So gear up and ride.

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