Full Kit Leather Motorcycle Suit

Full Kit Leather Motorcycle Suit

You've got the bike, the passion, and the urge to battle the track. But before you unleash your inner Rossi, there's one essential component you can't ignore: your full kit leather motorcycle suit.

When dealing with Milo Racing, we completely realize that to push your limits and be confident, a full kit means complete protection, not simply looking like a legit racer.

Beyond the Basics: What Makes a Full Kit Leather Suit Different?

A full kit leather motorcycle suit goes beyond just a one-piece suit. Here's what it entails:

  • One-Piece Leather Suit: Featuring unequaled abrasion resistance and eradicating exposed gaps between trousers and jacket, this kit's cornerstone.
  • Matching Leather Trousers: If you’d rather a two-piece search, select high-quality leather trousers that can be used with a compatible racing jacket, for excellent protection.
  • CE-Approved Boots: Your feet are how you interface with the bike, so safeguarding them is essential. Investigate boots with premium-grade leather composition, impact-soaking up armor, and substantial ankle support.
  • Matching Leather Gloves: The gloves will keep your hands safe if you lose control and slide along the pavement, because they have padding and tough leather in certain spots so they'll last longer.

The Benefits of a Full Leather Kit:

  • Unmatched Protection: Using the highest quality leather increases protection in falls by reducing tearing and abrasion.
  • Complete Coverage: Prevents skin from being exposed, especially areas such as the lower back, knees, and shins.
  • Streamlined Aerodynamics: A single suit or twin-set in functional harmony minimizes wind resistance to improve aerodynamics and decrease lap times.
  • Professional Look and Feel: If you want to look like you are really into motorcycling, then you cannot go wrong with a complete leather riding getup. It will make you feel sure of yourself and it shows the world that you’re serious about living the biker lifestyle.

Custom-Designed Suits for You:

Forget about those boring, standard racing suits. With Milo Racing, you have a world of options for customizing your full kit. Pick your leather type, deck it out in the colors and logos you love most, and make sure it fits like a glove so it won’t stop you from performing at your best.

Investing in Your Safety and Passion:

A complete leather motorcycle suit is a worthwhile purchase because it keeps you safe and passionate about the sport, allowing you to push your limits without inhibition from the fear of abrasions and missing skin.

Ready to Assemble Your Full Kit?

Come to Milo Racing today! We have a big collection of high-quality leather suits, boots, and gloves so you can have your perfect full kit. You will also have our expert advice and dedication to safety to guarantee you can wear your suit in absolute tranquillity on the track.

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